August 24, 2015

3 ways to improve accountability in the office

Encourage accountability in your office.

Encourage accountability in your office.

Personal accountability in a workplace setting is a crucial part of interpersonal skills and team development. If an employee lacks or struggles with accountability, office relationships and productivity can be negatively affected.
What exactly is personal accountability? It is the willingness of employees to answer for the outcomes that directly result from their choices, behavior and actions.
A study published in the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education found that children who were encouraged to take responsibility for their actions had more positive social interactions with others, as opposed to those who did not.
Keep the following three tips in mind to encourage accountability in your business:

  • Communicate effectively: Effective communication is essential for workplace delegation and understanding. Sharing knowledge with other employees instills a sense of confidence in them, as well as respect. Communication creates a team mentality, which has been proven to increase productivity and engagement.
  • Encourage truthfulness: Always tell the truth, especially when it matters most. Making a mistake at work can be difficult to admit to, but not doing so will create more problems in the future. Display humility and a strong commitment to your work ethic by remaining open and communicative even during difficult times.
  • Ensure understanding of job roles: If an employee does not completely understand what is expected of them, they will have a hard time finishing a task. As goals are outlined, be sure each team member understands how to complete their role, as well as why it is important. Teamwork is often best facilitated by employees who understand why their participation is necessary to reach a goal.

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