September 22, 2014

3 ways to prevent employee burnout

Prevent burnout and keep your employees engaged with regular training courses.

Are your employees burned out? An online training course can help them push the “reset” button.

As a manager, one of your most important responsibilities is to help your employees avoid burnout. When workers are mentally, emotionally and/or physically exhausted, they are less efficient at best, and more prone to serious accidents at worst. Here are some tips to keep your team energized and engaged; which leads to a safer, more positive and more productive professional culture:

  • Encourage delegation: Help your employees learn when it is appropriate for them to delegate certain responsibilities to others. Some hard-working staff members will likely try to take care of most tasks themselves and end up with too much on their plates. Employee development resources, such as online training programs like those offered by Mastery Technologies, can help employees become more confident in their ability to delegate effectively.
  • Increase participation: According to the experts at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, one of the most effective ways to keep workers feeling engaged is to make them a part of the decision-making process. This can also give your team insight into any unclear job expectations, which is one of the top stressors in the workplace.
  • Lead with enthusiasm: Teams respond well to effective, enthusiastic leaders. Sometimes the best way to inspire employees on-the-ground is to offer their managers the chance to spend some time in a management training course. Such classes can teach concrete ways to practice abstract leadership skills, such as inspiring others, communicating goals and providing performance feedback.

It’s easy to execute the above tips simply by investing in inexpensive and easy-to-use online training courses from Mastery Technologies. Training helps companies improve workplace culture, reduce burnout and improve job performance.
Original Source: Fast Company

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