January 25, 2016

4 ideas to keep in mind for successful delegation practices

4 ideas to keep in mind for successful delegation practices featured image

How can you delegate in a more meaningful way?

How can you delegate your most important tasks?

How can you delegate your most important tasks?

As your business continues to grow in success and total number of employees, delegation should remain a top priority.
Delegation is the ability to entrust others to perform certain tasks within a specific time frame. Whether you’re a new hire, seasoned employee or hold a manager position, the ability to delegate is essential, as it means you can prioritize and ask for help when necessary.
If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed in your role or new project, keep the following four tips in mind for better delegation practices.

  • Approach the situation from a range of viewpoints: If you’re struggling with a work project, especially in terms of timing, try to approach the deadline from a range of viewpoints. By bringing others onto the project to meet deadline expectations, different opinions can be offered, as well as a range of thought processes. Creativity often spurs more innovative ideas too.
  • Eliminate the time wasters: You may be forced to delegate certain tasks to others because of an inability to focus or due to a stacked day. Take some time in the morning to map out your day and be sure to avoid time wasters such as checking your email every few minutes. If your day has no insignificant tasks to eliminate, you are most likely stretched too thin and should feel comfortable asking for assistance.
  • Pick the right people: Once you decide delegating is the best decision, be sure to pick the right people to give the work to. This can be determined based on the amount of work already given, qualification and if coworkers volunteer. If you still want some control over the project, offer a collaboration agreement instead.
  • Prioritize: Completing tasks can only be done in a certain timeframe if prioritization takes precedence. Before taking on a new project or beginning another, ensure there is room in your schedule, as well as a real willingness to complete the task. If the new initiative doesn’t fit into your schedule or can’t be prioritized, delegation will be best in order to ensure it is completed.

One last thing to keep in mind is why exactly you are delegating this work. With proper explanations, tasks can be completed with ease.

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