May 4, 2015

4 tips for better employee communication

Employee communication can make or break a workplace environment. Peer-to-peer communication can spur employee engagement, increase worker satisfaction and bring more successful productivity.

What type of communication style is best for your workers?

What type of communication style is best for your workers?

Implement the following four tips into your next meeting, desk-side chat or presentation for more effective communication:

  • Encourage trust: Promoting honesty among workers can strengthen relationships and cause employees to want to remain within the company. If feedback is encouraged, and workers trust it will be heard, productivity can only grow.
  • Prioritize relationship building: According to Forbes, peer relationships can be the driving force behind employees doing more than their fair share of work. Relationships can create collaboration opportunities, cause deadlines to be met and improve office culture.
  • Say something before it’s too late: If there is a problem, don’t wait to address it. This can cause animosity between workers and create a toxic workspace. Instead, face issues head-on and encourage others to do so also. Make sure directions are made clear before leaving a meeting, office changes are known or employees are completely trained before beginning a new task.
  • Understand your communication style and what your office needs: Do your employees prefer speaking over email? What about phone conversations versus in-person communication? Understanding what modes of communication best foster worker diligence and happiness can create a better workspace.

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