April 27, 2015

4 ways to be an inspirational leader

Be the leader you would like your employees to be.

Be the leader you would like your employees to be.

In some instances, employee training and development programs can only go so far. Oftentimes, despite training in all factors of a business, employees will instead look to leadership for guidance or advice on company practices. As a leader, workers will constantly monitor your work ethic, choices and task accomplishments.
In time, your workers will pick up the same habits. Be the inspirational leader your workers need with these four tips.

  • Create an inspiring environment: Most workers don’t want a drab white-wall workplace. Build cubicles for group collaboration opportunities, but make space available for solo work as well. An open, interactive environment with color and comfort can foster worker productivity.
  • Empower employees with communication transparency: Keep your office door open. Help employees understand why standard work policies are in place if something is misunderstood. If a worker has a new idea, be open to change if its best for the company, even if you didn’t think of it.
  • Monitor success: Everyone likes a “good job done” pep talk once in a while. Employees will often hear if something is done wrong, but not often enough if something is done right. Addressing the success of an employee shows you are paying attention to their work and appreciate a completed task done right.
  • Offer support with a smile: If an employee asks for help, chances are they aren’t just trying to tear you away from your own work. Encourage employees to solve problems on their own, but never make yourself seem unavailable for help. Communication in the work process can eliminate mistakes, speed up the work process and increase overall output.

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