September 18, 2015

5 factors that matter for employee motivation

Motivate your team with these five tips in mind.

Motivate your team with these five tips in mind.

Employee motivation can make a great difference when training and developing workers. The summer months can be a bit of a drag for employees, with warm sunshine outside, and them being stuck inside, but there are steps management can take to enhance the employee experience no matter the season.
As each employee is different, each will most likely respond to motivation in a different manner. This issue highlights the importance of a range of motivators, as well as a real understanding of a business workforce.
Keep the following five motivators in mind during your next meeting for a better start to the day, every day:

  • Be creative: Creativity spurs motivation. It brings people together, expresses different ways of thinking and highlights issues that may not have been addressed without it. Creativity is also known to be contagious, in a good way.
  • Focus on a range of goals: Focusing on one type of goal, such as long-term or short-term, takes away from other objectives. Instead, focus on a number of goals at once by setting comprehensive and achievable deadlines, as well as delegating to all employees and keeping lines of communication open.
  • Get moving: Take time with your employees to get active during the day. Encourage workers to leave their desk a few times a day at least to stretch their legs and rest their eyes. Many studies have found benefits associated with short breaks during the day, including better cognitive thinking and a more productive work day.
  • Recognize others: Employees enjoy being recognized for the work they accomplish. It allows them to have a better understanding of their purpose in the business, see how their work is relied upon by others and strengthens overall employee bonds. In addition, lack of recognition is often one of the number one reasons why employees decide to leave a business, as they feel that they are under-appreciated.
  • Understand the purpose: One of the greatest ways to motivate workers is to let them know why their role is important to the business. When workers have a purpose, they are more likely to work toward that goal and set more like it in the future. Understanding a thought process can also lead to more creative thinking, as well as better collaboration between employees.

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