June 11, 2014

5 Guidelines to follow When Finding a Mentor

Workplace mentors are an excellent way to build capabilities within an organization’s workforce.  The sharing of knowledge between upper level management and peers oftentimes leads to better idea creation and innovation for the company.  Mentoring relationships in the workplace are typically initiated by an employee seeking to receive professional guidance, or by someone looking to mentor and offer their wisdom.  There are also times when a third-party is involved in the process because they’ve noticed a connection between two people at the organization and see a good fit.
In this post, we’re providing some great recommendations a mentor candidate should consider.  These recommendations are discussed in more depth in the recently released Leadership Capsules: The Leader as Mentor course.  Common guidelines for an effective mentor include:

1.  At least one level above the mentee in the organization

  • To ensure they have relevant past experiences in the workplace setting and can offer appropriate wisdom

2.  Good listener

  • Able to act as the sounding board for the mentee, and when issues or questions arise, brainstorm together to find answers and resolutions

3.  Comfortable with self-disclosure

  • Always tell the truth to help make the mentee feel at ease and comfortable when the confiding in them – reminding them that there will be ups and downs throughout their career

4.  Values diversity

  • Not only concerning gender, race, and age, but in thoughts, working styles and goals

5.  An ally, advocate, and catalyst

  • The relationship is one of trust, friendship, and reliable advice

A mentor is not there to parent or give all the answers, but rather point the mentee in the right direction.  The communication in the relationship should be based on growth and inspiration to further each person’s career; it does not include a belittling or condescending tone.  A great mentor helps the mentee forward their career by guiding them and motivating them to their full potential.
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