August 5, 2015

5 tips for better customer service

Improve business customer service with these five tips.

Improve business customer service with these five tips.

Customer service is a crucial part of the business model. Great customer service creates a loyal client base that can expand both your revenue and your business as a whole.
According to recent Forbes statistics, the industries with the worst customer service include government offices, telecommunications, healthcare and utilities. Many Americans cite these industries because of their lack of choices when it comes to change or actual assistance.
Customer service begins with adequately trained employees, ready to handle a vast range of possible scenarios during a typical day. Ensure your workers are ready to handle even the toughest customer issues with these five tips in mind.

  • Always be friendly: When customers enter a business, they should always be greeted and asked if they need help. A friendly face is a welcome reminder that their presence is not only noticed but appreciated, which will increase their chances of returning again.
  • Ask for feedback: After an experience with your business, ask the customer for feedback, and actually listen to it. Having customers fill out feedback cards or explain their opinion, and then doing nothing with the information, is a waste of time for everyone involved. Acting on customer requests is a great way to ensure they know you’re listening, as well as strengthening your overall presence in their eyes.
  • Offer your best: If an issue occurs, offer assistance in the most efficient, helpful and understanding way possible. It can be hard to interact with a customer if they are extremely irate, but remaining calm and willing to help is a great way to mediate the situation. If one employee can’t help, be sure they know who else in the business they can ask.
  • Train all employees in the same manner: Make sure all employees understand how to effectively handle a customer service situation, even if they don’t directly interact with customers in their position. The way employees are trained to handle customer interactions often translates into how they treat each other. When employees have kind, respectful interactions between themselves, they will often act the same way toward customers.
  • Use innovative technology: Customers expect a swift, easy to navigate business experience. Using the latest technology is a great way to ensure customers are helped quickly, and that employees can complete tasks efficiently. Before implementing new technology, make sure employees understand it completely, as this can also create issues if they’re not aware of all of its capabilities.

Great customer service doesn’t have to be difficult to understand or implement when employees have access to proper training. Visit our website for a range of e-learning training videos covering understanding, implementing and improving customer service skills.

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