December 28, 2015

5 ways to better maintain employee retention

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How can your business better enhance its retention?

How can employees be retained in a fast-pace work environment?

How can employees be retained in a fast-pace work environment?

Although there have been many recent surveys highlighting the common issue plaguing industries — employee engagement — there has been some improvement in certain sectors.
According to a recent study conducted by the Office of Personnel Management Federal Employee Viewpoint, overall federal employee satisfaction and commitment scored 58.1 out of 100 points for 2015, a 1.2 percent increase from 2014. In particular, the labor department, as well as the housing and urban development sector has seen the most improvement. 
The federal government, according to Federal News Radio, has taken five major steps to enhance the engagement of its employees. These include:

  • Adhering to a merit system and its outlined principles
  • Enacting meaningful performance feedback conversations
  • Engaging in employee training and development opportunities
  • Ensuring management styles foster communication and collaboration
  • Encouraging a sustainable work-life balance for all employees

One of the most important factors in this list is the metrics system. By creating a system which can be tracked, employees can visually see their improvements, as well as areas in which they need to make further improvements. As a whole, businesses should invest in this action to refine policies and add to them as necessary.
“We believe one of the key elements in helping to make that improvement is agencies’ ability to see this data, access it and use it,” said OPM acting Director Beth Cobert. “… We believe that getting this micro-level data out to folks is critical to enable leaders to improve their performance because then they know what their particular unit and folks there are thinking.”
By investing in data, businesses can make ensure real changes are made based on what has been proven to work for their industry. Another important factor to keep in mind is simple appreciation. When employees feel as if their work means something, and understand how their role contributes to the greater part of the business, they are more apt to be engaged and happy.
Offering employees development and training opportunities  improves retention, engagement and productivity. Take the time to develop a new plan today.

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