March 4, 2013

6 Specific Traits to Positive Customer Interaction

Customer service experiences can range from excellent down to terrible.  It is a mystery as to why every customer interaction is not on the same level; every organization should reinforce the importance and vitality of customer service to their employees.  It only makes sense to try to over exceed the customer’s expectations every time to maximize and influence the customer’s experience and perception of the organization.

Nancy Friedman, provides six specific traits to positively influence every customer interaction, through the training course “Influencing the Interaction: 6 Practices for a More Satisfying Customer Experience,” which can be found on
These six specific traits are:

    1.  Mood; attitudes are permanent, moods are temporary.  A person with a good attitude can get out of a bad mood, without negatively influencing the customer.
    2. Confidence; as the company’s representative, the employee must be informed and knowledgeable on their company and the products they offer.
    3. Patience; show understanding and empathy toward the customer.
    4. Benefits; benefits are what the customer receives from the features.  Form the information in a way such as, “what that means to you is…”
    5. Relationship building; don’t sound like an automated attendant – relate and chat with the customer.
    6. Full attention; don’t let distractions interfere with the customer interaction.  The customer deserves 100% of your attention.

This course uses narrative examples to demonstrate each of these characteristics. Creating a positive customer experience is imperative in the organization’s reputation.  Try to keep in mind – if you were the customer, how would you want to be treated?
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