May 8, 2015

6 traits of a fair leader

A fair leader starts with communication, transparency and a willingness to learn.

A fair leader starts with communication, transparency and a willingness to learn.

Being a leader is never an easy job. You are the person workers turn to when something is right, wrong, and anywhere in between. A leader is expected to be available all the time, ready to go and solve anything thrown their way. It can be a stressful position, and some ideals can fall to the wayside.
Keep these six tips in mind during your next long day or Monday morning to remain an effective, great leader.

  • Always lead by example: Be the leader you would want your employees to be. Their work ethic and productivity will often be a reflection of you.
  • Aspire to be like those you admire but always remain true to yourself: Just because you’re a leader, doesn’t mean you have to stop looking up to others. Find someone in your industry that you would like to resemble, but always remember to be yourself along the way.
  • Be transparent: Let your employees know what your daily activities are, how you manage your workload and other factors. Transparency lets them see how tasks are accomplished and how they can do the same.
  • Be willing to teach and still willing to learn: Be willing to pass along your knowledge but never stop learning. Even the greatest leaders don’t know everything.
  • Communicate: Communication is key in an office or industrial setting. Let your employees be aware of what is happening and how it will play out.
  • Never stop improving: No leader is perfect. Be willing to change, listen and adapt for the best team effort and fair mentor  style.

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