March 18, 2014

Alleviate Microsoft Access Training Stressors with these 17 New Course Titles

We’ve all been there… just when you’re getting comfortable with the mechanics of a software program, then all of a sudden it’s time for an update.  Transitioning from a current program to an updated one can cause stress for employees, as well as employers, and the best way to combat this stress is by providing comprehensive training.

A common software suite used at many workplaces is Microsoft Office.  Mastery recently released an entire topic series on one of Microsoft’s programs, Microsoft Access 2010.  These 17 new course titles are the perfect addition for workplace training, whether providing if for advanced Access users, beginning users, or even for employees transitioning from an older version.

Series course titles include:

•            Microsoft Access 2010: Building the Structure of a Database

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Controlling Data Entry

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Creating Effective Reports

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Creating Flexible Queries

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Customizing Reports

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Designing Forms

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Generating Reports

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Getting Started with Access Databases

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Improving Forms

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Maintaining an Access Database

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Joining Tables

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Managing Data in a Table

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Querying a Database

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Sharing Data Across Applications

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Structuring Existing Data

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Writing Advanced Queries

•             Microsoft Access 2010: Simplifying Tasks with Macros

These training courses provide excellent guidance on how to navigate the updated features.  Courses help to eliminate barriers commonly found when using Microsoft Access 2010 by incorporating a step-by-step learning approach.

These new courses are available on Mastery’s mobile-friendly, third generation Video On Demand (VOD3) format.  On the VOD3 format, users receive an optimal training experience by taking assigned training on any mobile device.

Visit for more information on this course series.

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