July 27, 2011

Are You Throwing Your Trash in the Right Place?

When is the last time you changed a set of batteries or light bulb? Now think about what you did with the used batteries or burnt out lamp. Did they make their way into the garbage can? Everyday at work and at home we generate trash; the problem is some of this waste is hazardous and special considerations need to be taken. This waste which is both common and hazardous is considered “universal waste.”
Federally designated universal wastes include:

  • batteries
  • pesticides
  • mercury-containing equipment
  • bulbs

Read about your State’s requirements (which need to be followed in addition to federal requirements) on the EPA’s web page.

Universal Waste – Bulbs, Batteries, Bugs & Barometers” helps anyone understand the four classes of universal waste and how to manage them properly.

Some of the topics covered in the online training include:

  • Guidelines for handling and storing universal wastes
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Recycling and disposal facilities
  • Transportation of universal wastes

If you are interested in earning CEU’s on this topic check our the Advantage version of the course here.  

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