June 10, 2016

Ask Jeff! Diversity and Inclusion Training

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How does diversity affect the workplace?

How does diversity affect the workplace?

Several weeks ago we talked about how organizations can improve their diversity training policies by focusing on the development of inclusive workplace culture instead of focusing solely on legal protection.
So today, we ask Jeff Holth, MasteryTCN’s Channel Partner Program Manager, how do companies benefit from diversity training? What other benefits can you coach client organizations to strive for, besides checking off that box on their list of topics they must train on?

While e-learning can certainly help fulfill training required by standards and laws, it can also engage learners and bring about real results among employees. Video-based courses offer an entertaining and engaging way to get employees thinking and talking about issues, like inclusion.

More specifically, courses using narrative examples or a scenario-based format help employees recognize real-workplace situations, which helps them apply the best practices from the training to their actual work life.

I think organizations training employees on diversity and inclusion can expect to see improved teamwork and more collaboration. A lot of times organizations start training at the manager or leadership level, but training at the employee level can help stop problems before they escalate, as employees can bring developing situations to their leaders’ attention.  

Sometimes subjects, like inclusions and diversity, can be difficult to talk about and raise sensitive issues. Using an e-learning course can give everyone a jumping off point to begin the necessary conversations to solve problems and change behaviors. Training can provide a foundation for organizations to build their office culture on. 

jeffIt is great to hear how much impact diversity and inclusion training can have on an organization. Come back next week for another Q & A session where we will talk about implementing leadership training at every level of an organization.

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