September 23, 2016

Ask Jeff! Job Satisfaction and Training

What is something you can do to improve the workday for your employees?

Two weeks ago we published a post about some of the simple things you can do to enjoy your workday. Most of the tips in the article focused on things individual employees can take on themselves. Today we have Jeff Holth, MasteryTCN’s Channel Partner Program Manager, here to talk to us about what employers can do to make the workday better for their employees.
So Jeff, what is one thing you believe employers can do to improve the workday for their employees?

jeffAccording to a 2016 report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 95% of millennial respondents said job-specific training contributed to job satisfaction. Furthermore, 88% of the same group said career development opportunities also contributed. The fact is employees value when their organizations “nurture and invest in them.”

With online training it is easier than ever for organizations to provide quality learning experiences to employees at every level of the organization. Furthermore, online training makes it easier than ever for employees to fit development opportunities into their workday. For example, many of the video-based courses in MasteryTCN’s library take less than 30 minutes complete. It is much easier to find a spare 30 minutes in a work week than it is to find a day to leave for an off-site class or seminar.

Those statistics are pretty powerful. Lots of organizations require employees take certain training, how can you make these other types of employee development opportunities stand out?

Of course organizations will always have certain topics everyone is required to train on; harassment for example. However, when it comes to topics like leadership or computer skills organizations can make these available to employees on a self-serve basis. For example, an organization can make a library of courses on Microsoft Excel available to anyone who wants to improve their skills. Or a company could have a selection of leadership training available and recommend everyone take one course a quarter or every month.

Either way, when you offer development opportunities to employees it is a win-win situation. Employees will feel valued and happy to have an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, while the organization benefits from a more competent workforce. Everybody wins.

Absolutely – training is an excellent way and easy-to-implement way to improve the workday! Thanks for your great insight today Jeff!
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