October 28, 2014

Baby Boomer Vs. Millennial: Mainstream Your Training

milennial 2 It is said that by 2025, 3 out of every 4 workers globally will be millennials. Statistics also show that 45% of millennials will choose flexibility over pay when choosing their place of employment.
With the times changing, companies are embracing technology and social media usage in order to score and keep millennials within the workplace. Leaders are finding opportunities to infuse these characteristics within the workplace.
Millennials grew up with the internet at their fingertips from grade school to college. When entering into the workforce, they expect that same treatment. When providing training to employees, companies are rewriting the rule and embracing digital and on the go training options to cater to this new workforce.  Millennials are all about relevancy, therefore, companies are placing this at the forefront when it comes to training.millenial
For over 30 years, Mastery Technologies has dedicated time and resources to producing training content in a relevant way. Through the use of video, Mastery’s President Bill Marker believes training should cater to the kinesthetic, visual, interpersonal and intrapersonal learning styles of each employee.
“When providing video training opportunities within any industry, videos should model, demonstrate and illustrate.” says Marker, “The training should show the conditions, actions; demonstrate the particular area one is training on through task and procedure; lastly, it would model the behavior expected of the employee in training.”
In today’s society, many believe that there is a vast difference between baby boomers and millennials. In a recent article Forbes article “Boomers Vs. Millennials: You’re more alike than you think”, highlighted the similarities between the two generations, from saving money to the value of community.
In training, Marker takes this same approach focusing on the similarities rather than the differences between the two generations when providing training materials within the workplace. As the first training content network, Mastery believes in providing companies with the tools necessary to provide a learning experience equipped for millennials and baby boomers alike. By catering your training preferences to your employees, companies have seen an increase in work performance and productivity.
Read some more tips Mastery has for training millennials in this article, which has been featured on OHSonline.com
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