April 24, 2013

Can You Tell if Someone Will Make a Good Leader?

When an organization develops major glitches, we begin to research and dig into what the genuine issue in causing such troubles. Effective leadership skills are hard to measure and even more difficult to pin-point.  Many organizations fail to recognize weaknesses in leadership skills until a person has reached a leadership position. A variety of tests are given and results are supposed to indicate how strong of a leader this candidate will be – here in lies the issue; is there a test able to gauge the “leadership qualities” that verifies a candidate’s future success as a leader?

In the article, “15 Ways to Identify Bad Leaders,” from Forbes.com, Mike Myatt reiterates the rational that delivering tests to probable leaders to assess their abilities is not an effective way for signifying them as a leader.   Myatt supplies us with these effective 15 notions to help hone in on competent skills a leader should maintain.

We recently did a blog post, “Essential Skills for an Effective Leader.”  In this post we offer training courses that can be helpful in developing and creating leaders in your organizations.   Use BusinessTrainingPower.com to search our entire course catalog.

Some of our stimulating leadership courses:

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