November 11, 2015

Customers expect fast, efficient service every time

What do customers really want during their experience in your business?

Customer service is a vital part of a business experience.

Customer service is a vital part of a business experience.

According to a recent survey conducted by Verint Systems, in partnership with analyst and consultancy firm Ovum, customers are demanding a new kind of experience, one that caters to their own personal needs.
Of the 18,000 consumers surveyed, it was found that:

  • American consumers ages 18-34 were more comfortable with personalization, at 59 percent, than their older counterparts. Less than half of Americans 35 and older said they would have the same kind of expectations.
  • Of those polled, 80 percent said they simply want questions answered when speaking with a customer representative.
  • Since a similar study was conducted in 2012, customers maintaining a prolonged relationship with one provider of any kind, for three years or more, has decreased from 85 to 60 percent.
  • The majority of consumers believe that their customer service experiences should reflect them as a person, but were less concerned with companies knowing their current mood.

“In today’s economy it isn’t just small businesses that have limited resources,” Dave Capuano, global vice president of integrated marketing for Verint, said in a recent eWEEK article. “Companies of all sizes are working to be as effective and efficient as they can when engaging customers. Organizations need to think from the customer’s perspective when looking to tackle engagement.”
How can the customer service in your business remain effective and relevant?

  • Be conscientious of time and understanding the initial issue: Often, customer service representatives can become bogged down in lengthy explanations. Take the time to address all customer concerns, but with time and efficiency in mind. The quicker the issue is resolved, in a thorough manner, the happier the customer.
  • Get feedback: Customers feel the most highly valued when their opinion is heard. Ask patrons through surveys or in-store conversations, how their experience was, what needs to be improved and what shouldn’t be changed.
  • Provide support: It seems simple, but getting back to the basics is a fresh take on many customer issues. Identify the problem, decide the best manner in which to fix it, and do it.

Customer Service

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