April 6, 2015

Developing different mediums of employee training

Employee training can be even more effective when aided by videos and other visual materials.

Employee training can be even more effective when aided by videos and other visual materials.

Video tutorials and directions can enhance your employee workforce. When an employee is first hired, oftentimes the training process involves a lot of necessary information over a short amount of time. Help your employee learn as much as they can in the most efficient manner possible by implementing varied training methods. Check out the following three employee development ideas for a lasting mark in a business training solution.
Aid in all types of learning dynamics: Not everyone learns in the same way. Some people need actual demonstrations, while others can read about them or listen to them being done. If you only use one type of teaching method to educate employees you may be impeding learning experiences that are vital to the job. Videos are just one of many teaching devices you can use.
Efficient onboarding experience: According to Training Magazine, creating brief videos can make information easier to “digest.” These videos can stand alone or be accompanied by statistics. A video can be replayed if an employee needs a refresher. It can also be reevaluated for missing information or new information at any time.
Mobile education: Sixty-five percent of people learn best through visual means, said Farm Futures. If you have employees spread across a vast area, consider using videos to train workers. This will guarantee workers are given the same information, in the same format. It will also save money as managers and other leadership members will not have to visit each place separately to train. In this age of technology mobile training and recruiting is key.
If you are interested in implementing video training, consult Mastery for the latest and most convenient video-based, e-learning courses.

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