March 1, 2013

Diversity is Effective in the Workplace

The word diversity brings to mind differences; differences bring about new skills and new perspectives.  As diversity increases in the workplace it is important to understand the creativity it can spark for an organization.   Conflict and differences brought about by diversity can be a helpful tool in finding resolutions or creating advances.
Understanding Diversity in the Workplaceis a training course offered on, which depicts real-life work scenarios where diversity and differences occur in the workplace and how to recognize them.  The course touches on stereotypes and biases, individual relationships to those in a group setting, attitudes toward power and authority, tolerance in uncertainty, and communication.  It also gives steps you can take toward understanding diversity. These steps include:

  1.  Communication is the key in breaking down the cultural barriers between people.
  2. Be clear and concise, and avoid slang, especially with those for whom English may be a second language.
  3. When conflict arises, consider the possibility that the root cause may be cultural in origin.
  4. Be especially alert for the non-verbal language of those whose cultural background is different from your own.
  5. Learn to accept the different cultures have different though equally valid perspectives.
  6. While you are learning about the culture of others, also take time to explain your organization’s culture.

Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity in Healthcareis another training course that uses real-life examples, in the healthcare setting, for handling diversity.  This video covers areas such as; avoid ethnic stereotypes, when to allow cultural practices and, how to learn about the culture you serve.  Both courses are effective in sharing techniques for dealing with and understanding the confusion and conflict that can arise in a diverse environment.


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