October 15, 2013

Engage the Members of Gen Y

Closing the generation gap at the workplace can be much more beneficial than you might think.  Just as there are stereotypes with every generation, the reputation that Generation Y holds seems to affect the young people categorized in it surprisingly more in the work environment.
Our recently released training course, “AWESOME: A New Generation at Work, Engaging Generation Y,” helps to deplete common issues that arise between generations at the workplace.  Gen Y members want to be engaged, work in teams, receive feedback and use their creativity – they have been taught to want as well as expect a lot out of life.  Sooner, rather than later, these members of Gen Y will take up most of the workforce and understanding them will make the organization a more productive and energetic place.
A recent blog post from the Human Capital Institute, “Engaging Generation Y,” discusses the many reasons why Generation Y gets a bad rap, and relates it back, mainly, to their upbringing.  The post suggests these differences:

  • They are the first generation to grow up with computer technology
  • They have had to be very competitive
  • Their parents were more hands-on
  • They have been trained to be involved and contribute their ideas
  • They are more educated

This post also suggests not always believing the negative opinions about Gen Y, and supplies a useful chart to help engage and recognize their needs.
As the post states, “Focus on the most important job-related engagement drivers to Gen Y in order to optimize your efforts.” 
Use BusinessTrainingPower.com’s course catalog to help promote listening, compromising, and fun at your workplace, to make everyone feel more welcome.

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