August 20, 2014

Get Your Team Physically Fit at Work

Losing weight or starting the latest diet has gone from being a New Year’s resolution to becoming a lifestyle. With the increase of healthcare expenses and obesity at an all time high, various companies have taken control of this epidemic and implemented change within their workplace culture by providing corporate wellness programs.

According to Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED), the average full-time American employee spends around 1,700 hours per year at work. Creating a work/life balance for your employees is key to providing a well-balanced workplace. Through corporate wellness programs, companies have not only improved the overall health of their employees, but decreased insurance premiums, increase employee morale and increased the longevity and productivity of its employees. corp-wellness

Mastery employees are taking steps to implement a healthy lifestyle into their work life. Daily, the team takes two short walks around our campus, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Statistics show sick leave in companies went down 28% and compensation claims were reduced by 30% when companies incorporate these kind of activities into their company culture.

Not sure if implementing a corporate wellness program is for your company? Assess your employees to see if providing this program would benefit them. After surveying your employees, take the following steps recommended by Forbes in their recent article, “Is A Corporate Wellness or Preventive Care Program Right For Your Company” and the Young Entrepreneur Council:

  1. Assess the needs of both employer and employee. Find out what challenges or goals employees have when it comes to their health. Would a corporate wellness program meet those needs in a way that is also good for the employer?
  2. Create a plan based on those goals. The article suggests combining education and some form of physical activity to keep employees engaged in the program.
  3. Effectively communicate the plan. It won’t work without encouragement and reinforcement at all levels of the company.
  4. Keep employees interested. Programs often have staying power when there is some kind of incentive or reward to encourage employees to stick with the program.

Thecorporate-wellness Wellness Council of America recommends companies plan to budget about $150 per employee for the program.
Remember, a healthy employee is a healthy employee. It’s an investment worth making! Equip your employees with the tools necessary to producing a healthier lifestyle with one of Mastery’s Wellness Training Programs:
Wellness: Fitness and Wellness
Wellness: Workplace Nutrition: A Recipe for Optimum Health
Wellness: Transportation Professionals Nutrition & Health

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