June 6, 2013

GHS Training You Can Take on Any Mobile Device

If you haven’t heard by now… our third generation Video On Demand (VOD) platform is paving the way for training on the go.   Now able to play on virtually any mobile device, our VOD platform lets you take courses anytime, anywhere.
We are feverishly working to update our entire list of VOD courses we already have in our course catalog.  In doing these updates, GHS courses are at the top of the list as deadlines for accomplishing this training are approaching fast.

One of the first courses re-released on the new VOD platform is Hazard Communication & The Globally Harmonizing System
The Hazard Communication standard, created by OSHA in 1983, is undergoing significant changes as OSHA is incorporating the GHS of classification and labeling of chemicals into the standard.  As deadlines continue to loom upon us, be sure to check out your training requirements. 

The following titles are also available on the VOD platform for GHS:


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