January 12, 2015

How To Avoid Bad Communication in 2015

While many are gathering their new years resolutions, many employees are placing “improving their communication skills” at the top of the list. Poor communication can be a hindrance in the workplace as well as potential business partnerships.
From paying more attention in conversations by taking notes to watching your tone or approach when speaking, all of these skills can help you take your communications skills to the next level. Developing and executing an effective communication plan can assist you in having your best year yet.comms
It is estimated 14% of each workweek is wasted as a result of poor communication. In fact, miscommunication can cost an organization 25% to 40% of its annual budget. Now, we can see why employees are placing improving their communications skills on the top of their resolution list for 2015.
Mastery wants to call your attention to three effects of bad communication that can be avoided:

  1. Decrease in Productivity – Everyone desires to be productive in their positions. High productivity drives any business. When bad communication seeps in, employees can easily lose focus and get distracted.
  2. Low Morale – Not understanding a task or a breach in communication can also lower an employee’s morale. To increase an employee’s morale, companies can provide a work-comm6working environment that fosters growth and communication, which in return increases the employee’s confidence.
  3. Mistakes – As we learned earlier, poor communication skills can breed costly mistakes. Encourage your employees to ask questions to prevent misunderstandings.

In addition to pointing out these effects, Mastery wants to help your employees reach their full potential and become more effective communicators in 2015 with these courses:

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