November 5, 2014

Interactive Training: 5 Tips To Keep In Mind

Everyone enjoys an interactive training experience. No employee wants to go into a training experience dreading it – becoming bored, not engaged, etc. The evolution of training and technology has provided companies with the opportunity to present a rewarding training experience for all trainees. 1390298035game-training
For example, by using games within a company’s training experience, employees become motivated, it promotes and helps stimulate learning within the workplace. Game-based learning provides employees with social interaction, increase in energy levels, the opportunity to apply new skills and even the freedom to fail.
Social interaction is important to any employee training process. In the Association for Talent Development (ATD) article entitled, “Five Tips for Success When Using Games in Training” it highlighted 5 tips to implement in order to improve your employee training process. The five steps are summarized as:

  1. Make it relevant – Align your games with your training goals. Keep all activities relevant and engaging.
  2. Consider your audience – When selecting games, don’t forget about your audience. Remember to keep your company policies and trainees in mind.
  3. Use your environment – Take how your trainees learn into consideration. Do they learn visually or kinetically? Maximize the learning experience, utilize groups – small or large.
  4. team-buliding-exercisesConsider your timing – Even though time is of the essence, don’t allow time to control the training. Watch the clock but don’t deprive your employees of their training experience. Lessening the time can change the overall effect on the training and employees can lose focus.
  5. Create a movement – Get your team moving! Use games that require movement to keep their focus and energy high.

Studies show that 91% of listeners at business presentations have admitted to daydreaming during a presentation. Thus, it’s important that managers and trainers engage their artist during their training or orientation sessions.
Like gaming, using interactive training for new or current employees will help stimulate their overall learning process. Mastery’s Video On Demand training helps stimulate learning on the go. With courses geared toward adapting to change within the workplace such as Mastery’s The New Workplace: Make the Change or learning to lead with change through Mastery’s The New Workplace: Leading the Change, employees will have the opportunity to learn first hand the benefits of interactive learning within the workplace.

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