June 26, 2011

Learn Basic Crane Signals

People in Michigan like to joke we have two seasons – winter and construction. When the construction crews come out – so do the cranes. The ability to use a crane to move large and heavy materials makes them common at most construction sites. This same ability to lift large, heavy loads coupled with their large size makes cranes dangerous equipment to operate and work around.

When operating a crane it is common to designate a crane signal person to help direct the operator in moving the equipment and avoiding an obstacles or hazards. Crane signal people and operators need to be able to communicate clearly to each other regarding their surroundings. OSHA requires a crane signal person to be used under certain conditions, and that person must be qualified according to OSHA standards. Read OSHA’s fact sheet for more information.

Overhead: Crane Signal Person Basic Training” providers learners with an understanding of basic crane operations and limitations. Various hand signals and voice signals are demonstrated, and non-standard signals and new signals are discussed.  Keep everyone on your construction site safe by making sure your crane operators and signal people communicate correctly and clearly!

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