June 24, 2015

New Courses Released in June

Several new courses on MasteryTCN’s courseware platform were released this month.
Creating Safety in Welding Operations
Welders face many on-the-job hazards such as hot metal, intense light, and heavy equipment. This online safety training explains what the dangers and precautions are welders can take to control or eliminate the risks of personal injury and damage to property.
Understanding and Controlling Ergonomic Risk Factors
Repetitive tasks often result in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which are the cause of 34 percent of all injuries resulting in lost work time. Teaching employees what the symptoms of MSDs are, how they can minimize the risk of an MSD on the job, and why it is important to comply with the safety measures your company has put in place is the goal of this video-based training.
OSHA Recordkeeping for Managers and Supervisors
In this detailed training program for managers and supervisors, the importance of record keeping as dictated by OSHA is shown. This program shows how more information can help a manager or supervisor give detailed record reports and solve a lot of record keeping issues. Regardless of what industry, it is important to know which OSHA record keeping requirements apply, and this video helps clarify.
Driving Safety: The Basics
Driving safely is simple, but important to consider. This training points out the importance of paying attention to the road, focusing solely on driving, and not being distracted by other things while driving.
Introduction to Investigation
Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life; things don’t always go as planned. It is important to learn what actually happened at an accident to help workers perform more safely in the future. Offered in this course is an outline of the basic tasks involved in a good investigation. These include gathering data, documenting the scene, interviewing witnesses, handling data, and preparing work products of investigation.
For the full listing of courses published by Mastery, click here!

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