October 31, 2014

Online learning can reduce employee absences

Are employee absences hurting your bottom line?

Continuing education can reduce worker absences.

Employee sick days may be costing your company more than you think. In fact, workforce researchers estimate American employers lose billions of dollars each year because of unplanned absences. Some of the most common causes of absenteeism, according to Forbes, are disengagement, burnout, low morale and stress. Believe it or not, ongoing employee training can lead to significant improvement in all of those areas, potentially resulting in fewer worker absences overall.

  • Employee development: Disengagement often results from a sense of professional stagnation. Try to provide clear opportunities for advancement for promising workers and they will be more inclined to invest time and energy in your company. Studies have shown that offering continuing education in the workplace also leads to a greater sense of employee engagement.
  • Health and safety: Unsafe working conditions or even just unhealthy workplace habits can increase stress and decrease morale. Mastery Technologies offers a variety of courses to promote a safer and healthier professional environment. Whether your team needs to learn to prevent dangerous accidents or just wants to know how to improve their diet and fitness habits, we have an array of informative, easy-to-use resources to meet their needs.
  • Stress management: Stress takes a toll on our professional and personal lives, creating a vicious feedback loop that can ultimately lead to significant drops in productivity. Stress may even cause or worsen illness, resulting in a spike in sick days. One stressed out worker can also spread their anxiety to their coworkers, damaging the entire team’s morale. If your employees struggle with stress, consider investing in an online stress management course to help them identify positive coping techniques.

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