January 3, 2012

Safe Use of Chemicals and Your Right To Know

Chemical exposure is a regular part of our lives at work and even at home, from laundry products, cleaning solutions, lawn care products, etc.  A difference between chemical exposure at work and home is  the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers notify employees about the chemicals present in the workplace and possible effects of exposure. You should check out the comprehensive training video Hazard Communication It’s Your Right to Know to learn how to protect yourself today.
You already know  we work with chemicals daily and because of this it is  easy to become lax about proper storage, handling and labeling. Complacency leads to accidents. Next you should see the video HazCom: Hazard Communication You are in Control  or Hazard Communication: Your Key to Chemical Safety (HD) to learn ways to avoid accidents that occur from being too relaxed around chemicals.

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