July 24, 2014

Set-Up First Time Supervisors for Success

Becoming a manager is an exciting, rewarding, yet nerve-wracking accomplishment.  Many first time managers or supervisors experience pushback, setbacks, or feel defeated.  As an organization, it is your responsibility to provide proper training and mentoring to guide and support your new managers.  This post offers some basic tips as well as training courses that are great to implement into your organization’s management training plan.
First time supervisors must understand the importance of creating an open environment for collaboration.  Allowing collaboration and brainstorming will generate a more innovative and productive workplace.  It is also important for leaders get to know their team, and understand the needs of each individual to make the team more successful.
Ideal candidates have essential skills such as; effective communication, coaching, conflict management, time management, and leadership abilities.  These training courses from Mastery.com supply effective leadership tips and will help new managers feel more comfortable starting their new positions.  Course titles include:

How do you prepare your first time managers or supervisors?

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