June 15, 2011

Skype Partners With Comcast

Skype’s recent partnership with Comcast is making it a little bit easier to get video conferencing in your home. The service will allow Comcast customers to make video and audio calls to anyone enabled to use Skype (i.e. to another Skype-enabled television or computer).
Televisions such as the VIERA HDTV by Panasonic can already be equipped to use Skype through an internet connection. That solution however required a specific HDTV and webcam in order to utilize the free Skype application.
With a wider-used cable provider offering Skype, the service will be much more widespread. It might make quite an impact on the way we communicate in our personal lives to be able to gather around the TV to see and talk to friends and families.
Would you consider switching cable providers to get this service? What implications do you see this new development having on Skype and video conferencing in general? Do you think a lot of people will flock to this service? If so, is Skype prepared to handle the surge of new users?

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