March 14, 2014

New DOT HazMat Courses Now Available on VOD3

Every day facilities throughout the United States transport thousands of materials around the country.  We rely on transportation by air, land, pipelines, and sea to...
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September 9, 2013

New Training for DOT: HazMat Shipping Papers Procedures

Companies that ship a multitude of goods on a daily basis must pay special attention to ensure proper standards are adhered to when completing shipping...
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January 4, 2012

Hazardous Chemicals, Labels and Inorganic Oxidizers

In order to protect ourselves from hazardous chemicals we have to understand them. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires it for employees who are exposed...
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December 14, 2011

Ban On Cell Phone Use While Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has recommended a nation-wide ban on the use of cell phones while driving. This would include texting and making phone calls,...
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June 2, 2011

DOT’s Distracted Driving Campaign

The U.S. Department of Transportation has launched a campaign against distracted driving, a danger that killed over 5,000 people in 2009. On the distracted driving...
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April 7, 2011

NPHW 2011- Injury Prevention Starts On the Move

The Department of Transportation estimates a decrease in traffic fatalities by 25% since 2005, and report the lowest numbers in recorded history (since 1949). These...
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March 17, 2011

Facility Security- Following DOT and Maritime Regulations

According to the DOT, 56% of terrorist targets in the United States are on commercial and industrial facilities. Facilities housing flammable, corrosive, toxic and reactive...
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