January 11, 2016

The Real Importance of Office Design

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How can the design of your office affect employees?

How can your business enhance its office space?

How can your business enhance its office space?

Office aesthetic does matter

Many businesses focus on training and further development to enhance the employee experience. This has been proven to increase revenue, understanding and business ventures. However, there are other changes that can also make a difference in an office setting. One of these changes is the actual design of the space.

Does office design really make a difference?

According to Fast Company, a few simple changes in aesthetic can really get the blood flowing in terms of critical and creative thinking. These include:

  • Standing desks: If your business isn’t taking advantage of standing desks, now is a better time than ever to get on board. Standing desks, as well as other means of working such as treadmill desks and walking-based meetings, put movement first. These changes have been proven in numerous studies to not only improve employee health through weight loss, but also to enhance happiness in new ventures.

“The best option for many workers might be a hybrid sit-stand workstation,” said Fast Company. “It offers all the benefits of standing but avoids some of the new muscle aches that might emerge from standing all day.”

  • Toys and games: Although it may seem silly or frivolous to have a pool table or ping-pong in the office, it can actually make a difference when it comes to employee happiness. A recent study found that employees who feel younger than their actual age are more likely to achieve projected goals in the workplace.
  • Ventilation: Too much carbon dioxide in any environment can be harmful, especially in enclosed spaces. In an office, it can actually lead to a lack of cognitive function, meaning employees literally won’t think as well. By increasing airflow and creating a more open space, productivity will be increased as well.

Make changes that enhance the well-being of your employees today.

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