August 1, 2014

This Amazing Organization has a Great Company Culture. Does Yours?

BBQ Spirit Day

Employees at Mastery enjoying a BBQ spirit day

I began as an intern at Mastery, and hired on full-time after four months of being employed.  Around six months into my time with Mastery I proposed a bit of a crazy idea.  I thought Mastery would benefit from enhancing its, already established, company culture; proving to our clients, prospective clients, and most importantly to employees, that we run our organization based on our mission to help build amazing organizations by in fact being one.   Though a little hesitant, I brought the idea to our HR coordinator and President of the company; almost immediately, they agreed it was exactly what our workplace needed.

Our Marketing Team challenged the Sales Gong by purchasing a Marketing Chime

Feeling comfortable enough (as a young and new employee) to bring this idea to the table is rare at many organizations.  My leadership trusted my ideas, helped to facilitate the process, yet stayed out of my way to let it happen.  The open environment that allowed me to bring corporate culture initiatives to life has now benefited our entire company.
Our Spirit Committee meets regularly to brainstorm and implement our monthly Spirit Days in the office.  The Spirit Committee implemented our successful employee recognition program; Mastery Bricks.  Each employee receives blank Mastery Bricks, and as the employee sees fit, they fill-out a Brick to recognize a fellow employee for helping out with a task, going above and beyond their daily job duties, or just a nice thank-you.  These little pieces of red paper have made us more welcoming and appreciative of one another.
Appreciation Bricks

Mastery Bricks and our Brick Wall

Employees are also involved with our company bulletin board which is home to games like “2 Truths and a Lie,” “Guess Who,” “Whose Pet is this?” and an employee flashback photo guessing game.  The bulletin board also features company updates, future Spirit Days, and highlights employee achievements.
The Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board, featuring our Guess Who game

Maintaining an open environment to new ideas, and promoting a company culture of collaboration, empowers employees to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the forefront. In the e-learning industry, we are advocates on the importance of building and maintaining amazing organizations – what good is it if we are not abiding by our own campaigning?
An organization that allows its employees the opportunity and confidence to bring new ideas to the table benefits immensely from the creativity and productivity developed from it.
These courses may also help motivate team members to have a great workplace culture:

How does your work maintain a great company culture?

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