October 9, 2014

Want to be a better manager? Think like a coach

If you want your company's managers to step up their game, train them to think like coaches.

Great managers, like great coaches, motivate their teams to succeed.

If you want to be a better manager, try looking for role models on the court rather than in the corner office. No matter what industry you work in, you can pick up some helpful management tips from top athletic coaches. Rather than giving directives without incentive, try to connect with employees in meaningful ways, urging them on toward greater productivity and success.
“Coaching is based on the premise that, with help, people can ignite their own potential and achieve or even accelerate their results by discovering solutions for themselves,” Fast Company magazine writes. “Coaches help people identify their individual aspirations for change, desired results, and solutions and then match those goals with the needs of the business.”
Here are a few tips for any manager who wants to think more like a coach:
Expect the best: 
Great coaches never expect less than the best, and neither should you. Try to motivate your “players” to reach for excellence every day.
Have a game plan: 
When a basketball team takes the court, they have a clear focus — to win the game. Their coach has a clear plan for doing just that. Make sure you and your workers have articulated specific goals and that you have crafted strategies to achieve them.
Training isn’t just for athletes: 
If you truly want your company to succeed, then it’s crucial to invest in management training courses like those from Mastery Technologies. Athletes don’t start competing until they’ve put in some time exercising and practicing. Similarly, it’s a mistake to assume that a newly appointed supervisor will intuitively know how to get the best out of their workers. Training helps position them and the team for success!

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