July 14, 2011

Watch a Real-Life Story of a Near-Fatal Forklift Accident

Forklift Safety: Real Accidents, Real Stories” presents the story of a near-fatal forklift accident, leaving one worker confined to a wheelchair and another worker with a new perspective on the importance of safe work practices.

OSHA’s powered industrial truck standard (OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.178) is consistently on OSHA’s list of top ten violations. The standard isn’t in place to create a hassle for employers or just to charge people fines for violations, the standard is in place to keep workers accident and injury free.
The loss of stability is one of the most common reasons a forklift tips. The Video On Demand course “Forklift Safety: Stability Triangle” demonstrates the physics behind safely loading, operating, and unloading a forklift.

Even though it may seem easy to operate a forklift, safety needs to be a top priority of every forklift operator. It is important to follow safety procedures every time you use a forklift to ensure you and the people working around you are safe.

  1. We train individuals in Forklift operation and we must say your blog has been very informative and useful and we agree with everything you have stated and are doing. Training employees for safety is key to have a safe and happy workforce. The right training leads to a safer more productive workplace.

    1. Thanks for reading! We fully believe in the benefits of safety training, and it is nice to hear other people recognize and appreciate the positive outcomes safety training yields.

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