October 12, 2015

What should employers keep in mind before training begins?

Employee development is essential in a workplace.

Employee development is essential in a workplace.

Although employee training is an integral part of business development and success, the way in which it is conducted is also an essential part of the process.
According to a recent Deloitte survey, Americans spent 10 percent more on employee training than the previous year alone. Training in total soared to $1,004 per worker. However, another recent study conducted by McKinsey & Co., found that only 25 percent of respondents felt as if their training improved their performance.
Where does the divide occur and why?
To ensure your training takes its maximum effect for employees, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep real life in mind: Not everything at work is going to happen by the book, so your development shouldn’t either. Be willing to give new and seasoned workers some slack to figure it out on their own through real-life experience.
  • Make a plan and follow through: For training to have real value, it’s imperative to have a set goal in mind, as well as a clear path toward core competencies.
  • Train and implement: Don’t just show employees how their training will play a role, let them experience it. By giving employees information and then letting them use it in real situations, workers are able to digest the learning materials better, and in turn, get more out of them.

Employee training also goes hand in hand with employee happiness. Well-trained, happy employees have been proven to be more engaged, as well as productive. By actively listening to issues that arise, offering support and encouraging development through training methods, your employee retention rates will likely continue to surge.

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