August 22, 2016

Why you’re not getting noticed at work

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Getting promoted is a challenge, but it is one that should be faced with determination and poise.

Examining your workplace behavior could help you recognize why you aren't getting promoted.

Examining your workplace behavior could help you recognize why you aren’t getting promoted.

When you accept a new role, you likely do so with the expectation that you will eventually be able to move up in the organization. After all, the average person spends nearly four-and-a-half years with a company, as reported by Forbes. No one wants to waste half a decade without advancement. Therefore, if you find yourself going unnoticed, it may be time to evaluate your workplace habits. After all, your boss can’t promote you if he or she doesn’t know who you are. Take a look below to see some of the reasons you might be overlooked in your office:
You don’t exude enough self-confidence.
Confidence speaks volumes, and management take notice of those employees who carry themselves with conviction. If you are timid and antisocial in meetings and retreats, it will make it difficult for people to get to know you. Practice carrying yourself with a confident posture and speaking with a decisive tone. If you have a good idea for your company and the facts to back it up, consider presenting it to management. By taking more initiative, you will draw more positive attention to yourself.
You exude too much self-confidence. 
No one likes arrogance. In fact, most people find it hugely off-putting. You may not recognize your own arrogance, but if you find your ideas are ignored or people seem to disregard you, you might want to evaluate your attitude. Interrupting others and constantly trying to prove your answers are right can be good indicators of arrogance. Closing yourself off to others’ ideas or resenting employees that are not like you might also be signs of a poor attitude. Try to practice being humble, and perhaps your managers will be more receptive to your contributions.

The right amount of confidence and positive engagement may help you get promoted at work.The right amount of confidence and positive engagement may help you get promoted at work.

You aren’t networking enough.
Some people only come to work to clock in at 9 and head home at 5. This head-down attitude won’t get you noticed anytime soon. Whenever your company has an after-work party, it is a good idea to attend. At these events, get to know a different group of people each time and foster these relationships before the next event. If you feel comfortable, you could even invite some of these co-workers to spend time together outside of work. By knowing more people in your office, your name is more likely to get passed around or brought to the attention of management.
You are holding yourself back. 
It can be difficult to find the right balance between all the workplace behaviors. It fact, it may seem so overwhelming that you simply choose to ignore them altogether. This can hold you back in a big way. Instead of disregarding the challenge, seek out others who are willing to face it with you. Start a group of people in your office who are interested in improving themselves. The group can practice things like pitching in a meeting, increasing confidence and networking. Management will likely take notice of your effort and commitment.
Getting a promotion is a big honor in the workforce, but if you find that you are being overlooked for the opportunity, you should consider the advice above. It could help you make the appropriate adjustments to your attitude or behaviors, ensuring  you get noticed positively by the people who control your advancement. In the end, it could keep you from wasting your time in a position without being able to further yourself.
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