January 4, 2016

3 Ways to Enhance Your Employee Orientation Process

3 Ways to Enhance Your Employee Orientation Process featured image

Is your on-boarding process as effective as it can be?

How is new hire training completed in your business?

How is new hire training completed in your business?

The first few minutes of the employee on-boarding process are vital as they set the tone for the rest of the worker’s experience. Although it may seem normal to have long lulls in the action at the start of a new job, these first days often stand out the most to employees.
According to a recent study conducted by Deliver the Promise, a business consulting firm that specializes in employee training, businesses that deliver proper training and orientation see turnover rates decrease by as much as 50 percent within two years. In addition, the first 30 days at an organization is the amount of time it takes to feel welcome at the business or prompt an employee to search for another job. How Can Employers Take Charge Now to Enhance the Experience of Their Workers?
For starters, never skip out or skimp on an orientation. This is often the most critical time for newcomers, as it gives them a timeline of when they can expect to fully adapt to their new role. By instilling a sense of purpose, values and overall work ethic early on, businesses can ensure that employees meet, and maybe even exceed, expectations. When employees understand their place within a business and how it contributes to the whole, they are more apt to stay and be happy in their position.

Make Training Interesting

Next, ensure the actual training process is interesting. Although it may be easier to circulate a handbook or deliver information in a lecture, these types of introductions will most likely overwhelm and bore newcomers. Instead, create an on-boarding presentation with a range of mediums including written information, online tests and modules, hands-on experience and peer-to-peer initiatives. This helps ensure all employees are able to learn in a manner that fits them best.

Look to the Future

Finally, look to the future. Although it is only the beginning of the employee’s venture into the business, it’s important to lay the groundwork for future training and growth initiatives. It often takes more than 26 weeks for professionals to reach full productivity in their new role so continuous development is essential.
As the new year approaches, take the time to create a new on-boarding process or tweak a current one before hiring begins.

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