August 3, 2015

4 tips for handling dissatisfied customers

Is your workforce prepared to address any issues customers may have?

Is your workforce prepared to address any issues customers may have?

Working with an extremely upset or irate customer can be a difficult situation to handle. Although it may seem easy to throw in the towel, or transfer the call to another employee, there are ways to manage both your time and the customer’s time more efficiently.
Keep the following four tips in mind for optimal customer service:

  • Connect with the customer: Begin the call by connecting with the customer on a personal level. Be sure to listen to what they are saying and respond in a manner that lets them know you are. In addition, using the customer’s name can also improve the situation, as it deepens the connection between caller and employee.
  • Handle the issue efficiently: Try to handle the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible, without rushing the customer or their needs. Ensuring a solution is on the horizon is a great way to keep a customer calm and ready for the next step.
  • Just listen: Sometimes all a customer needs is someone to vent their frustrations to. Oftentimes, it ends up being whoever answers the phone first. Be sure employees are prepared for these types of calls through active listening training and practice.
  • Smile while speaking: Smiling in the face of anger or an upset customer can be hard to do, especially if they’re yelling or aren’t listening to your suggestions. Keeping a pleasant expression while speaking can help convey friendliness and openness throughout the conversation.

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