April 29, 2015

5 better ways to accept workplace feedback

Ace your next office critique with five easy to remember tips.

Ace your next office critique with five easy to remember tips.

Receiving feedback at work is vital to the employer-employee relationship. Nobody likes their work to be critiqued, especially if it’s negative. But knowing and understanding mistakes can create a better work ethic and overall workplace environment.
If you have recently been given work feedback or have a performance review coming up, remember these five tips before responding to your boss.

  • Ask questions: Let your boss speak first and listen to what he or she has to say. At the end of each different critique, don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions or what you can do to improve. If a mistake you made is pointed out, chances are your boss will want it fixed or changed the next time a task is completed.
  • Be receptive to new ideas or possible changes: Change isn’t always easy. Displaying a willingness to change is key to receiving feedback in the future. According to author B.J Gallagher, being defensive can be seen as an uncooperative trait furthering alienating you from company values.
  • Listen before you speak: Try not to interrupt whoever is critiquing you. Chances are, you will be given time at the end of the meeting to respond.
  • Remain calm: Nobody is perfect. If you made a mistake, own up to it and explain how you will change your work methods the next time. Most of the time, critiques are given to foster change, not to hinder work developments and output.
  • Understand if the feedback was negative or positive: This may seem simple, but understanding if you did something right or wrong is extremely important when being critiqued. Even if your work is being praised, be aware of small hints or proposed suggestions.

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