July 11, 2016

6 simple ways to make your workplace safer

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Whether you run an office or a construction site, safety should be one of your top priorities. OSHA non-compliance and employee injuries can be costly, and to avoid these issues, managers should read the following safety tips.

When you’re trying to manage an efficient company, you have a number of things on your mind. Some aspects of running a business might slip through the cracks, but one thing no manager can afford to forget is safety. Whether you run an office or a construction site, safety should be one of your top priorities. Managers should read the following safety tips to avoid employee injuries due to non-compliance with OSHA :
1. Set a good example
Your employees look to you to set the company standard. If you cast aside safety best practices, they might get the idea that they can do the same. Instead, make it a habit to lead by example. Be the first to know about new safety regulations and never disregard OSHA rules. This means wearing the proper protective gear and operating equipment as it was meant to be used.
2. Make sure the right equipment is available
If your employees are using unsafe materials around the office or work site, it could be a recipe for disaster. According to OSHA, injury or death by equipment is the ninth most commonly cited violation. Schedule regular walk-through inspections to ensure all equipment, supplies and workplaces are up to safety standards. If you notice a hazard, replace or remove it as soon as possible.
3. Hire smart 
Sometimes safety issues can be stopped before they even begin. Hiring managers should carefully screen each employee for prior violations. Try to avoid hiring individuals who were let go from previous positions for safety noncompliance. Pre-interview questionnaires that include safety-focused sections could also help companies bring on safety-minded individuals. By including safety in the hiring process, business leaders can avoid issues later on.

Keeping your workplace safer can improve employee retention and company reputation.Keeping your workplace safer can improve employee retention and company reputation.

4. Invest in training 
Still, what use are safety-oriented employees if they don’t have proper training? Having a well-trained workforce promotes more compliance and awareness throughout the organization. Businesses should have training sessions that refresh employees on OSHA policies, show them the correct way to use equipment and demonstrates what to do in the event of an emergency. For example, make sure employees know how to react when someone is bleeding to prevent an exposure to bloodborne pathogens, and show staff proper lifting techniques to prevent back injuries.
5. Stay compliant 
Safety regulations are put in place to prevent workplace accidents and fatalities. You can see the complete list of OSHA regulations by clicking here. Make sure these regulations are posted and your staff understands them. Keeping employees informed on OSHA rules and regulations will keep them safer, and also save the organization money. Fines for not complying with regulations vary, but are typically about $7,000 or more per violation, according to OSHA.
6. Reward safe behavior
Just like with any reward system, positive reinforcements can encourage preferred behavior. Managers interested in maintaining a safe work environment should consider instituting a reward program to accompany it. Employees or teams who maintain compliance or are accident-free for a certain period of time can be given paid time off or a break room party. Ideally, that will encourage other employees to follow their lead.
Safety is one of the most important aspects of running a successful and efficient business. As a business leader, you are busy, but be sure to follow these tips to prevent safety from falling by the wayside.
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