June 9, 2011

Are You Prepared to Drive in Bad Weather?

As summer weather sets in, we have to remember it isn’t all sunshine and 80 degrees. Even though we’ve left the snow and ice of winter behind, there is still rain, floods, wind, and fog to consider when you get behind the wheel.

Defensive Driving: When Good Weather Goes Bad” presents techniques for driving defensively under various bad weather conditions. The severe thunderstorms of summer can lead to high winds and flooding – both of which can cause driving disasters. Bad weather conditions are not something you want to figure out how to handle when you are in the middle of a storm–prepare yourself with this Video On Demand, and learn how to drive defensively no matter what the weather throws at you.

Two other new Video On Demand courses have been recently released; “Defensive Driving: Step Vans” and “Defensive Driving: Supervisor’s Guide“. Defensive Driving: Step Vans provides professional drivers with general defensive driving techniques, such as how to maintain a cushion of safety around your vehicle, safely approach intersections, and how to deal with congested traffic. The video models defensive driving behaviors with step vans, although other professional drivers may find the course useful.

Defensive Driving: Supervisor’s Guide provides people in a supervisory role with tips on how to ensure their drivers are using defensive driving techniques and being safe on the roads. The course explains how to observe drivers and coach them to make safe choices, which will allow them to complete their duties effectively and safely.

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