June 8, 2011

Are Your Newest Employees Trained on OSHA Safe Work Practices?

Sure, you’ve shown your newest employee the important things, like where to get coffee and where the bathroom is, but have you trained them on to keep your work environment safe?

New Employee Safety Orientation and Training” provides your newest workers with a look at some of OSHA’s general safety standards, which will help prevent injuries around the workplace.
All employees need to know how to correctly use the personal protective equipment for their job, as well as understand how to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens. Workers also need to be aware of all the hazards in their workplace and how to keep everyone safe, through good housekeeping practices for example. This course provides basic information on all these topics.

OSHA also provides fact sheets on different topics, including bloodborne pathogens and personal protective equipment. OSHA provides a wide-range of information on different topics (from the general to specific), and even has Spanish versions of their fact sheets available.

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