October 29, 2013

As a leader, are you a Dictator or Facilitator?

Contrary to what some believe, a leader’s job is not just to tell people what to do.  As a leader it is less important to act as a dictator and more it more important to play the role of a facilitator.  As a facilitator you are able to ensure the team has the information, resources, and support they need to successfully perform their job.

There are several misconceptions that may arise as you step into a supervisor or leadership role.  Our two new courses, “Supervision: Would I Work for Me?” and “Leadership: Would I Follow Me?” help decipher misconceptions and deliver best practices for leading your team to success.  These courses cover topics like;

  • Listen before you lead
  • Share information
  • Don’t hide bad news
  • Use mistakes as learning opportunities

You will be far more successful if you fully listen and learn about the people you work with.   Don’t become a leader who is unapproachable and untrustworthy.

Find out more information, along with our full list of leadership courses at BusinessTrainingPower.com.

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