August 29, 2014

Celebrate Your Employees This Labor Day!

In 1881, Labor Day was designed to recognize workers and their contribution for the year. This yearly tradition consisting of appreciation picnics followed by speeches, was declared a national holiday in 1984. As we approach the 120th year as a federal holiday, the American Psychological Association statistics state only half of the U.S. workforce (51%) feels valued by their employer, more than a third (36%) have not received any form of recognition in the last year, and just 47% say recognition is provided fairly.highlight-laborday-history

For some, September 1st, is a yearly reminder that summer will soon be ending and fall is on its way. However, no matter the season change, it is a celebration of our teams that make our business success possible year after year. We depend on the gifts, talents and hard work of our dedicated employees to get the job done. Companies thrive off of the ideas and daily collaborations of these individuals to see the overall vision come to fruition. Without the labor of employees, the American dream would not be fulfilled.
Our businesses thrive due to the tireless effort and hard work of our dedicated employees. Don’t let one day be the only day that we recognize our employees. This year, Mastery wants to encourage you to celebrate your employees all year-long with these 3 tips:

  1. Recognize Your Employees Publicly – Through a mass company e-mail or even a meeting, take the time out to recognize your key players. Implement an “Employee of the Month; Employee of the Year” program. This can be done by a weekly, monthly or annual basis. At Mastery, we recognize our employees through our Mastery Brick wall. At any time, an employee can submit a “brick of recognition” to one of their team members for a job well done.
  2. Send a thank you card or token of appreciation – A thank you card or a company sponsored meal can go along way and is remembered by all involved.
  3. Train Them – Equip your employees with the training they need to be the best at their job. Empower them to be leaders with your company or industry. Training goes a long way and benefits not just the employee, but also the company.Wishing

From the Mastery Team, we wish you a very happy Labor Day! Enjoy your weekend! You deserve it!

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