April 14, 2021

Commit to Your Company’s Vision through Targeted Training

Commit to Your Company’s Vision through Targeted Training featured image

companyvisionThe best-run, best-performing companies aren’t just groups of people working toward financial gain. Top organizations are driven by a vision that reaches all levels and departments. Uniting around this kind of purpose and elevating your own business’s operations may seem daunting, but there are tools to help you take these steps. Among these tools are training materials directly dealing with company vision. 

What Is Company Vision?

Before you can start improving your business’s engagement with and commitment to its vision, you have to define what you are talking about. Writing for Inc., CircleUp’s Ryan Caldbeck explained that company vision is different from mission. While the latter is typically more practical and down to earth, your vision should be inspiring and bold.

The vision statement for your business should be a forceful directive employees can compare their work to, guiding their day-to-day tasks. Having such a fixed set of ideals at the heart of the company’s operations is useful because, as Caldbeck noted, fast-paced changes in work conditions can put organizations into a “constant state of flux.” Having a vision statement to unite around can keep teams feeling a sense of togetherness through these changes.

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How Do You Use Your Company Vision?

Since company vision is so high-level and inspirational in nature, it takes effort to tie it to day-to-day work. According to Entrepreneur, leaders throughout the organization should make sure their programs are in line with the company vision statement. Having a stated vision isn’t useful unless it is highly visible to employees, so they can unite around it and let it impact the way they do their own work.

As an example of putting values into action, Entrepreneur highlighted the Zappos vision statement, which is all about customer service. To reinforce this organizing principle, there are powerful recognition programs around service, with peer-to-peer nominations and celebrations. These ensure everyone understands the importance of helping customers.

The need to turn an abstract vision into practical everyday programs provides a specific challenge for leaders. Learning how the lofty goals of the statement interact with the work employees perform is the main way to keep everyone on the same page and following those aspirations.

If your organization’s vision statement has to do with a big goal such as conservation and helping the planet, that can affect everything from employee volunteer programs to product design priorities. If the core of the business’s vision is to be inspirational, that can be an influence to the way the company markets itself, paths to advancement and much more.

At its most basic level, having a vision statement — and ensuring everyday practices reflect it — is all about motivation and engagement. As Entrepreneur stated, getting people to understand the central tenets of the company and align themselves with those elements is a major step toward retaining top employees and keeping them satisfied.

People want a sense of what they’re working for, and why they should try hard every time they show up to work. A vision statement provides a quick and resonant answer to questions of motivation.

What Does Company Vision Training Entail?

Strong alignment with a company vision does not happen immediately or automatically. It takes effort to bring an organization in line with its inspirational values. Fortunately, there is a whole set of training content designed to facilitate this process.

A company committed to being a diverse, vibrant and inclusive workplace that values all viewpoints may be wondering how to ensure those goals are reflected in day-to-day conduct across departments. There are training courses around this topic, helping learners create a company culture they’re proud of.

A vision statement regarding boldness and risk-taking can be tough to bring into the everyday operations of a company. This is another subject for employee education, helping people at all levels of the business embrace that credo to take chances and try for big wins.

In addition to specific courses on instilling values into an organization, there are more general training options based on ensuring a positive company culture takes hold and making sure the business’s key ideas aren’t lost as it scales up. Fast-paced growth is a widely held objective, but unless some planning goes on at the beginning of that journey, a disconnect can spring up between the vision statement and the everyday work being done by the newly expanded business.

Today, it is easier than ever to invest in the exact mixture of courses that will help your company align its operations with its values. Training content delivered as video-based interactive online lessons is simpler and more affordable to implement than the older instructor-based model. Now, no matter how geographically dispersed your workforce is, you can easily set all personnel up with lessons to bring them closer to the company’s core vision.


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