July 12, 2013

Customer Service Training You Can Take On Any Mobile Device

More and more updated, as well as, newly-released courses are continually being added to be compatible for our new, mobile-friendly, VOD platform.  Here are two more updated courses on customer service from the Telephone Doctor.
Essential Elements of Internal Customer Service” 
We usually think of a customer as the person outside of your company who buys your products or services, and though this is true, there is an important distinction to make between different types of customers.  These customers that you are doing business with are known as external customers (patients, clients, tax payers, citizens, etc…), and your coworkers are internal customers. It is tough to provide excellent customer service to external customers if there are issues between the internal customers. Nancy Friedman gives techniques to avoiding conflicts between internal customers.
Essential Telephone Skills: 10 Core Skills to Delivering Excellent Customer Service over the Phone
A customer’s impression of the entire organization relies on your interaction with them over the phone. In this course Nancy Friedman demonstrates the little things you can do to make a big difference in your organization’s customer service.  It makes a great first-time teaching course or valuable as a refresher course to experienced customer service representatives.

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