October 8, 2014

Employee Picks: Kirk’s Favorites

Training is vital to everyone’s overall professional growth, even executives. From courses dealing with becoming an effective leader to safety decision-making, Mastery’s Vice President of Sales, Kirk Berry, offers us his top four favorite courses available on Mastery’s Video On Demand format.download (2)

  1. Leadership: What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

Kirk likes this course, “Because it is easy to apply what you learn. It uses realistic scenarios to pose common leadership dilemmas and shows you how to respond.”
Mastery provides a host of leadership courses dedicated to helping employees strengthen their leadership skills, such as “Leadership: 5 Steps to Engage Your Team.”
2. Electrical Safety: What Everyone Should Know
Kirk states, “This electrical safety course features awesome HD video production values and describes electrical safety in very easy-to-understand terms.”
Take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your employees by training them with one of our safety courses.
3. Safety Decision Making: Overcoming Human Nature
Kirk shared, “I like this course because it helps change behaviors. The course focuses on why people act unsafely and how to go about changing their attitudes and download (1)behaviors.”
4. Making Safety Work: An Overview Of Workplace Safety and Employee Responsibilities
Kirk says, “This is a great course because it provides a quick overview of many topics: Lockout Tagout, PPE, Bloodborne Pathogens, Confined Spaces, Hazcom and more.  Not every employee needs comprehensive training on every topic.  This is a great safety course for the more casual office or light duty type worker.”
For a complete listing of courses available through Mastery, visit www.mastery.com.

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