November 22, 2013

How Do You Make Your Workplace Fun?

This year we have been making strides in coming up with ways to bring a little fun into the workplace. With all the time we spend in the office, it is nice to take a little break once in a while, get to know your co-workers and have some fun. We have come up with ways to take fun breaks and create fun ways to keep each other motivated.


One of our fun “breaks” was an apple bake-off held in early November. All of the contestants brought in an apple treat, and the rest of the office got to sample them and vote on their favorite. This made for a fun little activity and treat to start off an afternoon meeting.

A few of our efforts to help motivate each other around the office include our new sales gong and our Mastery Brickyard.

salesgongOur sales reps get to celebrate closing a sale by hitting a small gong in the middle of the office. It seems to spark some friendly competition, while providing a little recognition for the sales team.

photoOur Mastery Brickyard is a wall where we post “Employee Recognition bricks”. Each brick represents an employee recognizing a peer for something great or helpful they’ve done. Together these bricks represent how we are helping build our own amazing organization by supporting each other.

This article from describes some more ways you can make work fun. Having “silly dress up days” and host a “decorating your cubicle/area” contests are just two of their ideas that are easy to implement and create a fun thing for co-workers to do.

Mastery offers a course on creating a fun workplace, Have Fun: Create a Positive Culture at Work, shows you how the St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team has created a fun atmosphere for both their patrons and their employees.

What do you do at your workplace to make things a little more fun?

  1. Mastery is always looking for new ways to improve our work atmosphere and engage our employees. The Spirit Committee meets monthly to create exciting “fun breaks” that the employees will enjoy. These breaks provide a chance for the employees to socialize with one another, and build team cooperation and collaboration.

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